Snap-on is set to revolutionise diagnostics yet again with the introduction of intelligent diagnostics. The new Zeus diagnostic scan was designed by mechanics, for mechanics to save time in the workshop.

Most scan tools provide you with an overwhelming number of steps, menus and options that can be confusing and time consuming when trying to fix a fault. To overcome this issue Snap-on asked the industry – if you could design the most effective diagnostic tool ever, what would you put in it? And this resulted in a new intelligent and intuitive tool that the industry has never seen before.

Set to revolutionise the industry and unlike any diagnostic scan tool before, Zeus provides you with all the functions and repair tips you need to diagnose, repair and manage the issue. Zeus practically anticipates your next move and guides you through every step you need to find the solution, while avoiding the steps you don’t need.

“This is the ultimate diagnostic tool that will help fix faults faster than ever before” said Snap-on National Diagnostic Manager, James Morris. “Snap-on provide the best functioning vehicle coverage, best range of functionality and best customer support, and now we provide intelligent diagnostics that will help workshop owners and technicians work smarter and faster” said Morris.

Technicians will notice that once plugged in, Zeus knows the vehicle that you are working on and will direct you to the vehicle ID and display only information that is relevant to that specific vehicle and fault code. This is how intelligent diagnostics will save you time; by eliminating unnecessary steps and guiding you to information that is useful for the vehicle that you’re working on.

Zeus can tell you if something looks fine or flag if something needs a closer look with guided component tests to help identify what to test for and what to look for.

“Zeus saves time by focusing on the vital information you need now for the vehicle that you are working on” said Morris.

With its slim profile design and 10” touchscreen, Zeus is the most sophisticated and intuitive tool for the workshop. Providing a treasure trove of data, plus interactive tutorials and technical service bulletins.

Take your first step towards the most advanced diagnostic tool on the market by talking to your Snap-on Franchisee today.

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