Invest In Your Future With Snap-on Starter Kits

For apprentices starting a career there is more than enough to worry about without having to begin a search and plan out all the various tools you may or may not use throughout your career. With such a variety of brands and offerings, the choice can often be overwhelming. Snap-on Tools Australia has the perfect solution. Snap-on Starter Kits.

Snap-on’s quality Starter Kit range are built for technicians starting out their trade based on real world applications and requirements, taking the stress out of what is an important career choice.   

For nearly 100 years Snap-on Tools has been the trusted tool brand for trade professionals around the world. When you buy Snap-on quality, you know you have a tool for life, so it makes sense to start a relationship with tools that will take all the abuse you throw at them and come back for more.

Snap-on has made the process and choice easy for apprentices with a range of quality Starter Kit options catering to all budgets and requirements, making Snap-on Starter Kit packages just what the tool doctor ordered. 

Starting with the metric 120 piece kit and top chest, the Snap-on Starter Kit range scales up from there, with a range of 169 piece, 232 and now 307 piece kits that are available in both metric and imperial. Snap-on has carefully selected a range of tools that perfectly complement each other and enable the greatest flexibility in work applications.   

These kits come with a variety of roll cab options and sizes with Snap-on’s renowned tool box strength specifically engineered for those in the trade. With colour options and roll cab and top chest combinations available, apprentices can truly make the kit their own.

Snap-on’s Tool Control Foam is another huge feature with Snap-on Starter Kit’s, enabling you to add efficiency in your work by having an orderly tool configuration for quick access, plus you will be quickly aware of any tool that goes missing.

Snap-on’s Trade Card system makes the task of getting hold of your shiny new Snap-on Starter Kit easier than ever.  The Snap-on Trade card allows technicians to get the tools you need today so  you can start to swing your shiny new tools straight away.

“Snap-on Starter Kits represent great value to those beginning in the automotive and various trade industries. We are proud to offer these packages, because we trust in the quality Snap-on provides and the benefits apprentices gain from using Snap-on. Invest in your future by starting with the best,” said Adam Scott, Snap-on Product Manager.

To find out exactly what your new Snap-on Tools Starter Kit package might look like and contain, explore the full range at; alternatively, have your local Snap-on truck drop by for a visit to your workshop and see the Snap-on difference for yourself. Contact 1800 810 581 or

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