hand tools

Since introducing the first “5 do the work of 50” socket system in 1920, Snap-on has ushered in one groundbreaking hand tool innovation after another. While we continue to use the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, we’re also continually improving the features and performance of our tools. Snap-on has the industries best and largest range of high quality hand tools including screwdrivers, pliers, torque wrenches and ratchets and sockets designed to help you access hard-to-reach areas with greater ease. Snap-on’s  constant investment into R&D and quality ensures that our hand tools are ready to meet the modern needs of modern technicians. 

power tools

Whether powered by compressed air or lithium batteries, our power tools provide the perfect combination of power, comfort and control. Built to last and offering monster power and designed to reach hard to access areas. Snap-on Power Tools provide comfortable operation for hours on end.

tool storage

Snap-on Tool Storage is iconic and the industry’s gold standard. From our high quality construction, unmatched innovation and almost endless customisation and accessory options; Snap-on gives you the ability to personalise and customise a system that suits you. 

Snap-on can help to grow your tool storage as your career grows, and no matter what stage you’re at or where you work, your local franchisee has the right tool storage solution for you.

shop & tech

Snap-on has productivity solutions for workshop owners from welders, battery chargers, inspection scopes, A/C machines, cleaning equipment, jacks and safety equipment. Our comprehensive range includes Snap-on branded Wheel balancers, lifts and hoist to create the complete Snap-on workshop.


At Snap-on Equipment Australia we have selected the finest products from our global range to best suit  the Australian and New Zealand automotive service and repair industries with the finest and most technologically advanced range of wheel service equipment in the market today.

We offer a wide range of products that have been designed with the technician in mind to help your workshop become more productive. That is supported by our vast range of Service Agents, Technical Partners and Snap-on Tools Franchisees  to provide the most appropriate solutions for your workshop.

Browse our brands and contact our equipment team for more information.


If you are starting your career as an apprentice or entering a mechanical trade for the first time, tools are going to be your key to success. The old saying ‘do it right the first time’ should be at the forefront of your mind when building your tool collection.


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