Look out floor jacks, there is a new lift king in town. Introducing the all new Snap-on 1.9 Tonne Floor Jack, a jack designed to work faster, easier and for longer, solving all your workshop jacking needs.

Although there may be many Jacks on the market, Jacks aren’t created equal.  Snap-on has created the new 1.9 Tonne Floor Jack to be the benchmark in quality floor jacks, built to Snap-on’s high standards and incorporating the best features and premium parts; the perfect addition to what is a crucial workshop task.

To ensure you look no further when looking for your next workshop jack, Snap-on has taken care of all your jacking concerns ahead of time. With a jack height of just 9.65cm and a contoured lift arm that allows clearance to the vehicles’ rocker panel, low cars are easily lifted. To save time, Snap-on has installed dual-pump pistons that enable quick height increases with minimal effort and with a maximum height of 59.4cm, there is plenty of flexibility for access in a variety of situations. 

Jacks should be a long term investment, not a throw away liability. To this end, Snap-on has built the 1.9 Tonne Floor Jack with durability in mind. From the premium U-cup seals on the pumps and ram pistons, professional one-piece handle design and powder coated finish, to the magnetised internal filtration system within the pump reservoir to maintain oil cleanliness and high performance hydraulic oil that handles extreme temperatures and reduces wear.

Attention has even been paid to the front wheels and yoke pivot, with grease fittings ensuring long term smooth-operation; the front wheels utilising a nut and shoulder design for positive retention. All of these premium features combine to ensure your workshop finds lifting cars a breeze for years to come.

With Snap-on’s all new 1.9 Tonne Floor Jack you now have the perfect excuse to upgrade to the best floor jack on the market, offering a 3 year warranty and direct from the brand that you can trust, Snap-on. 

View and test the new Snap-on 1.9 Tonne Floor Jack’s difference for yourself, by contacting your local Snap-on Tools Franchisee or contact 1800 810 581 or

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