Snap-on SOLUS+ is your diagnostic companion

In the world of automotive diagnostics, having a reliable and efficient scan tool can make all the difference.

Standing tall in my workshop scan-tool line-up, the Snap-on Solus+ has etched its place as an indispensable asset, whether it’s for a quick service reset or in- depth driveability issue.


One of the defining aspects of the Solus+ is its user-friendly interface.

Navigating through the labyrinth of a vehicle’s systems is made effortless with its intuitive design. The high-resolution display presents data clearly and with little to no sun glare, ensuring quick and accurate interpretation of diagnostic information, particularly when graphing on the go.


The Solus+ is one of the most compact tools in the Snap-on scan-tool range but still shares the same diagnostic software DNA as its bigger brothers.

It covers a wide array of vehicles, offering compatibility across various makes and models.

During my test drive, I was impressed by the fact it enabled the electric handbrake service procedure for a 2022 Subaru brake job and intuitively handled a battery registration on a 2020 Mercedes-Benz with no fuss.

Going beyond just pulling a code, the Solus+ includes the Snap-on SureTrack feature, which brings together a knowledge source of millions of OE and aftermarket repairs to give shop-proven tips, test procedures and repairs relating to the specific fault code on that model.

powerful diagnostic capabilities

As with any Snap-on scan tool, at the core of its abilities lies the industry-leading parameter ID (PID) management, graphing and analysis.

A major frustration I have with some scan tools is the tendency to group data PIDs into sections (i.e. engine fuel data and engine air data) but not allow me to view these together on one data stream.

The Solus+ allows you to select individual PIDs from different sections and bring them together to view.

Going further, when backing out of live data, to perhaps move to a different module or clear a code that intermittently sets, you have the option to redisplay the custom PID list you created when you return, saving you from having to reselect each PID – a real time and frustration saver.

Accessibility and analysis

A scan tool can be great to use live but if it can’t easily store and document your findings it is missing the mark on being able to provide evidence to your customer to build value into the job. Snap-on provides many features that allow you to do these little things right:

  • Vehicle scans are automatically uploaded via Wi- Fi to a cloud-storage system, allowing access on any PC you log into. Similarly, you can upload a screenshot simply by pressing the ‘S’ button on the right-hand keypad.
  • When viewing data PIDs, it is automatically recording, so when that intermittent fault occurs it’s as simple as pressing the ‘save’ button to store your recording, which can then be analysed on the tool itself or scrutinised in great detail by viewing in the Snap-on ShopStream PC application.

Continuous evolution

Snap-on’s commitment to innovation means regular updates are on hand, with a simple self-update procedure carried out via your shop Wi-Fi.

Ethernet vehicle communication is covered using the standard supplied OBD cable, future-proofing the tool as more manufacturers move to this protocol.

Exceptional support and training

A great tool is complemented by exceptional support and the Solus+ doesn’t disappoint. Snap-on provides comprehensive training and support, ensuring users can harness the full potential of this advanced diagnostic tool. Access to resources, online tutorials and expert guidance ensures technicians are equipped with the knowledge to maximise the tool’s capabilities.


Time and time again the Snap-on scan tool is the first grab for techs of all skill levels in my workshop, despite a healthy cupboard of tools to choose from. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive coverage, powerful diagnostic capabilities, efficiency, portability and excellent support make it a standout
choice for automotive professionals seeking precision and reliability in a diagnostic tool.

Scan the QR code to watch my video review. For more information go to: snapontools.com.au/solus-plus/

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