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hand tools | wrenches


Snap-on wrenches are made different, that’s what makes them the industries best. Made with special alloy steel, precision forging and heat treatment for ultimate strength and durability.

Snap-on’s range of wrenches improve your productivity thanks to features like the Flank Drive plus profile on the open end that “bites” into the fastener to minimize slipping whilst delivering up to 62% more turning power. Whilst the Flank Drive box-end wrenches have a 7.5° rotation away from the handle, so they can be flipped for better grip in tight areas. The 15° offset angle provides more knuckle clearance and greater accessibility.

our wrenches range

• Flank Drive® Plus Reversible Ratcheting Combination
• Flank Drive® Plus Non-Reversible Ratcheting Combination
• Flank Drive® Ratcheting Combination
• Reversible Ratcheting Combination (Blue-Point®)
• Ratcheting Wrench Adaptors
• Flank Drive® High-Performance Ratcheting Box
• Ratcheting Box
• Ratcheting Box (Blue-Point®)
• Locking Flex Head Reversible Ratcheting Box (Blue-Point®)
• Flank Drive® Plus Combination
• Flank Drive® Combination
• Spline Combination
• Combination (Blue-Point®)
• Flank Drive® Offset Box
• Flank Drive® High-Performance Offset Box
• Spline Offset Box
• TORX® Box
• Flank Drive® Specialty Box
• Open End
• Open End (Blue-Point®)
• Flank Drive® Flare Nut
• Crowfoot (1/4″ Drive)
• Crowfoot (3/8″ Drive)
• Crowfoot (1/2″ Drive)
• Heavy-Duty Striking Wrenches
• Heavy-Duty Tubular Wrenches
• Manual Impact Wrenches
• Combination T-Shape and L-Shape
• T-Shape
• Folding Sets
• L-Shape
• Adjustable
• Adjustable (Blue-Point®)
• Pipe
• Special Application
• Special Application (Blue-Point®)

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