hand tools | screwdrivers

hand tools | screwdrivers


The classic technician tool; Snap-on screwdrivers are designed with a combination of comfort, power and versatility. No matter the length, thickness, tips style or handle size, Snap-on has you covered.

What makes our screwdrivers legendary is the engineering and R&D in them. An inner core that maximizes torque. A middle layer that resists impacts and solvents. And an outer layer of textured material that improves grip, comfort and turning power. They’re also available in seven tip type profiles, and feature shanks made from special alloy steel for maximum strength and longevity.

our screwdrivers range

• Sets/Combination
• Flat Tip Instinct® Soft Handle
• Flat Tip Instinct® Hard Handle
• Flat Tip Pocket and Spark Test
• PHILLIPS® Tip Instinct® Soft Handle
• PHILLIPS® Tip Instinct® Hard Handle
• PHILLIPS® Tip Pocket
• PHILLIPS® Tip Hard Handle
• Flat Tip and PHILLIPS® (Blue-Point®)
• Hex Tip Instinct® Soft Handle
• Electronic Service
• TORX® Tip Instinct® Soft Handle
• TORX® Tip Instinct® Hard Handle
• TORX® Tip Hard Handle
• Special Application
• Pozidriv® Tip Soft Grip Handle
• Pozidriv® Tip Hard Handle
• Ratcheting Soft Grip Handle System
• Ratcheting Hard Handle
• Ratcheting (Blue-Point®)
• Sets/Screwdriver Bit and Ratchet
• Screw and Nut Starters
• Nut Drivers
• Bits/Sets
• Bits/Hex Shank
• Bits/Hex Shank (Blue-Point®)
• Bits/Accessories
• Bits/Power

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