hand tools | prybars

hand tools | prybars


Snap-on prybars are made from precision-forged, heat-treated steel that provide the ultimate leverage, versatility and durability.

From our range of striking prybars that are designed with a Durable crown handle that offers technicians protection from off-center hammer strikes and with a blade that extends through the handle and makes contact with end cap to provide solid striking force. To our range of Non-Marring Prybars that have been made from tough reinforced nylon, which are perfect for removing clips, fasteners, and interior/exterior applications

our prybars range

• Rolling Head Prybars
• Close Quarters Bars
• Die Setter Bars
• Wrecking Bars
• Pinch Bars
• Slate Bar
• Prybar Rack
• Utility Bars
• Multi-Position Prybars
• Striking Prybars
• Non-Marring Prybars
• Striking Prybars/Straight  Edge
• Heavy-Duty Prybars
• Striking Crown Handle  Prybars
• Demolition Chisels/Striking Crown Handle
• Prying/Smoothing Tools
• Fiberglass Prybar
• Prying/Fabrication Tools

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