hand tools | pliers

hand tools | pliers


Snap-on uses the best materials available and precision manufacturing to make the best pliers and cutters. Made from a special alloy steel and an exclusive cold-forged process to add strength and longevity to our pliers.

Exclusive and proprietary designs such as joints that are positioned close to the cutting edge, making it far easier to cut heavy wire while reducing user fatigue.

Small details such as ramped tips and a longer contoured handles for better accessibility and rounded jaw edges to minimize nicking wires. Our VectorEdge blade technology provides the added advantages of parallel blades, more leverage and precise cutting edge alignment.

our pliers range

• Sets/Pliers/Cutters
• Cutters
• Needle Nose/Long Reach/Special Purpose
• Combination/Lineman’s/Adjustable Joint
• Lineman’s
• Adjustable Joint
• Locking Pliers
• Electronic Service Pliers and Cutters (E Series)
• Retaining Ring
• Wire Tools
• Pliers and Cutters (Blue-Point®)
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