Verus Edge

  • Fast, easy access to expert Information, Fast-Track® Guided Component Tests & Troubleshooter,plus the optional Snap-on Information System)
  • Boots from cold in about a minute; powers up in Ready Mode in just 5 seconds
  • 1.83 GHz, 2GB RAM, 32-bit quad-core Intel® Celeron® processor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for the freedom to work anywhere in the bay
  • Thin and light tablet-style design, with a 1280x800 high-resolution display
  • Factory-installed antivirus and security essentials
  • Comprehensive data manager that can store thousands of vehicle records, customer data,vehicle IDs, fault codes, repair notes and diagnostic results
  • Extended 5-hour battery life, with days of standby power in Ready Mode
  • Capacitive touchscreen, sensitive to your every gesture

Note: Some functions shown require an internet connection


Display Tablet

  • Thin-profile tablet with 10" high-resolution 1280x800 capacitive touch screen for a detailed view
  • On-screen touch keyboard
  • Built-in camera to save and share photos for your repair records
  • User-programmable shortcut key for frequently used actions
  • Bluetooth® wireless and Wi-Fi to access your favorite web resources
  • 5 hours of continuous battery operation plus days of standby power
  • USB, audio and auxiliary ports make it easy to add accessories
  • Secure, 64GB solid-state drive and a Quad-core Intel® Celeron® processor (1.83 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32-bit)


  • Exclusive ShopStream™ integrated diagnostic suite with one-touch access to all major functions: scanner, scope, guided component tests, online expert forum, vehicle records, and the optional ShopKey® Repair Information System
  • Genuine Windows® multi-tasking to view multiple applications side-by-side
  • Configure display options, set triggers, record and playback results with the touch of your finge
  • Powerful data manager saves vehicle records, photos, technician notes, screen images, scanner and scope data

Scope Module

  • More flexibility with the new hot-dockable scope module with 9 ft USB extension cord
  • High-speed 4-channel lab/ignition scope and digital/graphing meter
  • 6 megasamples/second sample rate and glitch capture detects faults other scopes miss
  • Scale range: 0-100mV to 0-400V, 50kV secondary ignition
  • Sweep rate: 50 microseconds to 20 seconds (5 min in GMM mode) so you don’t miss a thing
  • Exclusive Fast-Track guided component tests for 40 domestic, Asian and European makes
  • VDC, VAC, ohms, frequency, duty cycle, pulse width, diode test and more

Scanner Module

  • Single keyless adapter for OBD-II vehicle applications - saves time
  • Connects wirelessly to the display tablet with Bluetooth® for remote operation
  • OEM-specific coverage for over 40 makes, as far back as 1980 (European optional)
  • Codes, live data, functional tests, relearns and adaptations for dozens of vehicle systems
  • Exclusive Fast-Track® Troubleshooter with millions of validated code tips, symptom tips and timesavers
Additional Information

For more information about Verus Edge, please refer to the document below.