hand tools | 3/8 drive tools

hand tools | 3/8 drive tools

3/8" drive tools

Snap-on 3/8″ drive tools are durable, powerful and versatile enough to handle almost any application.

Our revolutionary Dual 80 Technology brings you an 80-tooth gear which means more power in less space, while a compact ratchet head and smaller ratcheting arc provide smoother movement and torque transfer.

Feel the difference with our industry-leading Flank Drive Sockets that deliver up to 20% more torque, reduced slippage, and the thin wall design allows for better accessibility and our latest range of FDX sockets that provide 50% more turning power on damaged fasteners.

our 3/8" drive tools range

• Ratchets (3/8″)
• Breaker Bars
• Drive Handles
• Extensions
• Ratchet/Socket Accessories
• Flank Drive® Xtra Sockets
• Flank Drive® Sockets
• Flank Drive® Low Profile Sockets
• Flank Drive® Universal Sockets
• TORX® Sockets
• Spline Sockets
• Special Application Sockets
• Torque Adaptors
• TORX® Bit Sockets
• Metric Hex Bit Sockets
• Hex Bit Sockets
• Triple Square Bit Sockets
• Special Application Bit Sockets
• Flat Tip Bit Sockets
• PHILLIPS® Tip Bit Sockets
• POZIDRIV® and Clutch Bit Sockets
• Combination Bit Socket Sets
• Impact Drivers and Sets
• Impact Accessories
• Flank Drive® Impact Sockets
• Flank Drive® Impact Swivel Sockets
• Special Application Impact Sockets
• Power Accessories
• Power Bit Sockets
• General Service Sets
• Magnetic and Surface Drive Sockets

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