hand tools | 1 drive tools

hand tools | 1 drive tools

1" drive tools

Working on the biggest, most heavy duty machinery requires the most heavy-duty tool. Snap-on has you covered, with the most rugged, larger drive-size tools – whether you’re tackling semis, construction equipment, hydraulics or other heavy-duty jobs.

Our wide range of 1″ drive tools offer a range of superior features such as our flank drive system that grabs fasteners on the flats, providing greater torque and preventing rounding of their corners. And our specially heat-treated impact sockets that are made from a blend of alloy steel to withstand the repeated cycle loads of pneumatic and cordless impact wrenches.

our 1" drive tools range

• Ratchet Heads and Handles
• Drive Handles
• Socket/Ratchet Accessories
• Spline Sockets
• Hex Bit Sockets
• Impact Accessories
• Flank Drive® Impact Sockets
• Special Application Impact Sockets

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