tool storage | epiq

tool storage | epiq

epiq roll cab

The undisputed king of tool storage, nothing makes a statement in the workshop like an EPIQ Roll cab, and that’s because nothing else is made like an EPIQ. Every inch of these roll cabs is designed for premium performance and ultimate durability. 

Made in our facility in Algona, USA these EPIQ rollcabs are manufactured meticulously using the highest quality materials for longevity and durability. High quality craftmanship that provides you with superior performance, personalisation and organisation.

our EPIQ ROLL CAB range

• EPIQ® Utility Vehicles
• 144″ Wide EPIQ® Roll Cabs
• 120″ Wide EPIQ® Roll Cabs
• 84″ Wide EPIQ® Roll Cabs
• 68″ Wide EPIQ® Roll Cabs
• 60″ Wide EPIQ® Roll Cabs
• EPIQ® Top Chests
• EPIQ® Drawer Sections
• EPIQ® WorkCenters
• EPIQ® Overhead Cabinets
• EPIQ® Lockers
• EPIQ® Series End Cabinets
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