The Snap-on Starter Kit Head Start

If you are starting your career as an apprentice or entering a mechanical based job for the first time tools are going to be your key to success. The old saying ‘do it right the first time’ should be at the forefront of your mind when purchasing and Snap-on is doing it right for your first time, with a range of Starter Kits ready for action.

Snap-on has been the industry benchmark for tools since 1920 and Snap-on’s constant progression in precision, control, technology and quality is why thousands of Australian and New Zealand mechanics and workshops rely on and trust Snap-on as their tools of choice.

Snap-on Starter Kits make starting your career a straightforward process and are specifically designed to provide the right tool packages at the right prices in a variety of different formats. Snap-on’s experience in dealing direct with workshops and technicians provides the knowledge to perfectly tailor Starter Kit’s to what apprentices, or new mechanical based business operators will use in the real world. Snap-on Starter Kit’s also offer incredible value to the end user, as opposed to a slow build-up of single tool purchases.


The Snap-on Starter Kit range starts with the metric 120 piece kit and top chest, and scales up from there, with a range of 169, 232 and now 307 piece kits. These kits can come with a variety of roll cab options in size, colour and design to suit your particular preferences.

Due to demand, for 2016 Snap-on has expanded the Starter Kit range, with the STARTP2106 and the STARTP2212 kits.  These kits are the first in the range to incorporate an equivalent imperial offering of sockets and wrenches, taking the total size to 307 pieces. The addition of the imperial range allows greater flexibility in tool usage applications and is well suited to those working on older generations of vehicles.

Another vital inclusion in Snap-on Starter-Kits is tool control foams. When time is money, you can’t afford to be spending a portion of every day rummaging through your tool drawers looking for the correct size socket or wrench. Having tools properly and permanently located with Snap-on’s hard wearing, tailored tool control foams is not only efficient, but alerts you to any tools you might have missing at the end of the day.

“Snap-on has made starting your career easier, with a range of Starter Kits to suit all budgets and requirements. Snap-on Starter kits are great value, provide the best range of tools for automotive apprentices and with the included tool control foam, are a truly complete offering,” said Adam Scott, Snap-on Product Manager.

“Our new STARTP2106 and STARTP2212 Starter Kit’s offer imperial sockets and combination wrenches beside our metric offerings, resulting in a 307 piece comprehensive tool kit for the budding mechanic. The imperial additions allow you to cover more mechanical bases on the workshop floor where it matters.”

Getting started with Snap-on Starter Kits is the smart choice so you ‘get it right the first time’. Click here explore the range of Snap-on Starter Kits.