Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

The Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic is becoming a larger talking point in our part of the world, and while we all are still coming to terms with it all, the Snap-on Australia and New Zealand team and I wanted to take the opportunity to write an update on our immediate plans.

First and foremost, we are consistently taking the advice of the Federal Government and Health Authorities to ensure that we continue to operate all of our services as usual for our customers whilst staying smart and level headed.

Based on the advice provided, we have implemented strict hygiene measures inside our offices and Distribution Centre and have shared this with our Snap-on Franchisees around Australia and New Zealand. We are also updating all of those within the Snap-on network consistently with any new developments as they come from the relevant Health Authorities.  We fully understand the importance of the health of those that work with – and interact with – the Snap-on brand and we are taking every step to ensure that they are all meeting or exceeding the guidelines we have been provided.

Further to this, please know that the health of Snap-on staff members are being monitored for not only your safety but obviously their own as well. If any of our Snap-on Franchisees are being severely affected by the situation we have urged them to stay in communication with us for any required assistance. We have many years’ experience in helping franchisees navigate the challenges created by bush fires, floods as well as Global Financial Crises and SARs and will assist our franchisees through this pandemic.

In times like these, the importance of a solid supply chain becomes critical.  We have always committed to having a significant level of stock in our Distribution Centre and across the broader Snap-on Network.   Due to our many months of forward planning, we can confirm that as we sit right now you have no need to be concerned about your supply.  It is also the reason we will not permit any panic buying, as there is simply no requirement to do so. The situation is evolving and we are committed to keeping our franchisees informed of developments as they arise.

We remain completely committed to our customers, Franchisees and staff members during this unprecedented time and as always, you have our support in helping you and your business to continue to do what you do best.

As always, please feel free to reach out to the Snap-on team if you have any further questions.


Ajit Ponnambalam

Managing Director

Snap-on Australia and New Zealand