The New Triton D8 – Snap-on’s Most Advanced Diagnostic Tool

Snap-on is excited to announce its new Triton D8 intelligent Diagnostic Tool, now available for automotive businesses and workshops all over Australia and New Zealand. The Triton D8 is Snap-on’s most advanced Diagnostic Tool to date, with its focus solely around saving time and being efficient when diagnosing and repairing a problem on a vehicle.

Booting up the Triton D8 happens in as little as 5 seconds, with diagnostic information at the user’s fingertips in as little as 30 seconds – fantastic for a quick scan and check of a vehicle. Vehicle data for over 65 vehicle makes including local, US, Asian, European and Harley-Davidson is pre-built into the system, and Instant ID automatically reads a vehicle’s VIN and brings up vehicle information for enabled vehicles built from 2008 and beyond.

The Triton D8 is controlled using an 8 inch colour touch screen that can be easily controlled using your fingers. There is also a 4 way thumb pad included for quick navigation if the user prefers.

Once a quick and easy connection to a vehicle is established, diagnosing and troubleshooting errors are much quicker than on any other Diagnostic Tool. Using Intelligent Diagnostics, the Triton D8 will scan and search for any relevant error codes. By sourcing available shared data from OEM’s and Snap-on’s own content, it will then take its user through a logical workflow of results relevant to that error code, and will automatically show the vehicle’s data parameters relevant to that fault code – filtering out the rest of the vehicle’s data. This saves its user from having to scroll and click in to each part of a vehicle on the diagnostic tool.

Not only this, the Triton D8 will also highlight data on the display that is out of the vehicle’s expected parameter range when sufficient stable data is collected by The Snap-on Cloud data service, which will further assist with diagnosing and troubleshooting on vehicles. Upon repairing the problem relevant to a fault code or varying parameters, a functional test can be run via the Triton D8 where it will only show information relevant to the problem that was being rectified.

Users of the Triton D8 also have quick access to standard information about the vehicle such as common procedures, service interval resets, Guided Component Tests also show how to test common problems, where to connect and what to look for – making it easy to see the root cause of problems.

Get in touch with your local Snap-on Franchisee today to learn more about the new Triton D8 and arrange a demonstration.