Apprentice of the Year 2016

Congratulations to the following apprentices who have been shortlisted for this year’s Apprentice of the Year Award. Did you make the cut?

Rising Star (2nd Year Apprentices):

  • Andrew Inglis
  • Ethan Cass
  • Hayden Becker
  • Lachlan Yeo
  • Manroop Singh
  • Nick Brown
  • Rowan Foxwell
  • Samuel Cunniffe
  • Verity-jane Dolton

Apprentice of the Year (3rd & 4th Year Apprentices):

  • Bray Austin
  • Chris Gifford
  • Damian Walker
  • Jason Walden
  • Jessie Watkin
  • Martin Brown
  • Mitchell Murrin
  • Trent Ellison
  • Tyson Poi-smith

Defence Force Category:

  • Benjamin Gee
  • Edward Leahy
  • Jacob Marshall

What's Next?

We’ll be sending the applications with teacher and employer references through to our industry judges who will meet next week. We’ll then announce our final winner for each category on Friday, 11th November!