Tool Control and Detection

At Snap-on Industrial, we created scalable tool management & safety programs to deliver simple, cost-effective & practical solutions to fit virtually any need.

We believe in systems that are simple enough that people will actually use them and design them to encourage people to be responsible for what they do. We deliver systems that give organisations the information they need based on their business requirements to control expenses, reduce downtime, and promote safety.

Level 5 Tool Control System

The innovative Automated Tool Control (ATC) system will keep you working - safer, more efficiently, more productively, with fewer losses of time, talent and equipment.

Our Level 5™ ATC system provides the simplest and most user-friendly solution for detecting tools issued from and returned to a tool box, providing a critical enhancement to your Foreign Object Damage and Foreign Material Exclusion program.

Aeroprobe Tool Detection System

Electronic Tool Detection System that minimizes aircraft downtime and danger of foreign object damage from tools.

The Aeroprobe Electronic Tool Detection System can be easily integrated into your present technician safety program to minimize downtime and danger of foreign object damage from misplaced tools. As a supplement to visual inspection, the Aeroprobe is a completely portable self-contained system for locating misplaced tools in and around aircraft.

Visual Inspection Scope

The BK6000 Visual Inspection Scope reduces time and effort to detect engine noise or diagnose electrical problems.

Locating a fluid leak or viewing inside doors and body panels to check for malfunctions and hidden damage has never been easier. The BK6000 Visual Inspection Scope records and plays back still images and videos to allow you to take a closer look at a problem without a direct line of sight.