Triton D8

Triton D8


  • Intelligent Diagnostics enabled scan tool with live cloud-based
    data service providing globally leveraged vehicle information
  • When a code is present, Intelligent Diagnostics shows a “
    Code View” screen that shows top repairs, functional tests,
    resets, data PID’s and guided component
    tests that relate specifically to that code
  • Code View shows the specific code
    information for that car and nothing else, this allows
    you to focus on what’s at fault to fix the car faster
  • Integrated full-function scan tool and high-speed
    scope and graphing multi-meter
  • Swift boot up in only 5 seconds; Get diagnostic results in as
    little as 30 seconds
  • Finger-driven 8-inch colour touchscreen and 4-way thumb
    pad for quick navigation
  • OEM-specific scanner coverage for over 60 Asian, US,
    European and domestic makes and over 100 vehicle systems
  • Automatically uploads pre and post repair vehicle scan
    reports when the AtlusDrive is enabled
  • Quick access to common procedures and service interval resets
  • Vehicle System Report offers all available system results,
    Global OBD-II codes, and Readiness Monitors on most
    2008 or newer models
  • Up to eight live data parameters displayed on-screen at
    one time in digital format
  • Exclusive Guided Component Tests show how to test,
    where to connect and what results to look for
  • Unique “cause & effect” diagnostics make it easy to see the root
    cause of problems – use powerful functional parameters on-screen
Additional Information

For more information about Triton D8, please refer to the document below.