VERUS puts the answers you need at your fingertips, to manage the complete job from start to finish. With true Windows® multitasking, Wi-Fi and an internet browser, you won’t have to leave the service bay to use your repair information system, access technical forums, OEM websites, online parts suppliers, or your favorite web resources (requires internet access).

VERUS is the first fully-integrated handheld diagnostic tool with customer/vehicle records, Scanner, Fast-Track® Troubleshooter, Component Test Meter, 4-channel lab scope and Fast-Track reference database

  • Big, bright 10.4 inch 1024x768 colour display makes it easy to read graphs, waveforms, schematics, web pages and more
  • Save more time with touchscreen navigation and one-click shortcuts to any application
  • See more answers on-screen - true windows multitasking for side-by-side viewing of multiple applications
  • Intuitive Windows operating system – embedded for fast boot, fast operation
  • Internet browser for access to the websites of your choice
  • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi internet access for wireless freedom throughout the shop
  • Expandable, flexible open system – install your own data sources and applications
  • Pop-up on-screen keyboard gives you speed and control
  • ID the vehicle once, by Year/Make/Model for all VERUS diagnostic applications
  • A customer database to save your customer & vehicle records
  • Large hard drive – save and store your personal data library right in the tool
  • Removable high energy Lithium-ion battery for non-stop productivity
  • Built-in audio – Microphone and 1W Speaker
  • Plug-n-play compatibility with many standards devices – keyboards, monitors, DVD drives, printers and more
  • Expandable for the future with external connections for USB, VGA, LAN, Data cable, DC Power


  • Snap-on’s deep OEM-specific coverage for 40 vehicle makes
  • Vehicle coverage for vehicles from 1980-current (optional adapters required for pre-1996 vehicles)
  • Wide range of Scanner functions including codes, live data parameters, functional & bidirectional controls, resets/relearns
  • Personalize your data display – text, graphing, view up to 16 live datastream graphs at once
  • Deep coverage for many vehicle systems, including engine, transmission, body controls, instrument, ABS, airbag, transfer case, TPMS, and many others
  • All the verified tips and shortcuts of the complete Snap-on Troubleshooter library are only a click away
  • Over a million timesaver tips including code tips, symptom tips and more

Component Test Meter

  • 0-75VDC multimeter, 10 M ohm impedance


  • Snap-on’s famous instrumentation with information. Includes the complete Snap-on component test database for vehicles from 1979-current
  • Over two million component fault-finder tests including meter presets, connector diagrams with hookup instructions, component locator, test procedures, reference values and waveforms

Lab Scope

  • High-resolution display and glitch capture makes it easy to see vehicle faults
  • 6 million samples/second, 3MHz bandwidth, 4 channels, 100mV – 400 V AC/DC scales
  • Automatic scaling, preset and custom configurations for easy setup
  • Cursors and digital readings show actual values captured at any point on waveform
  • One-touch menus make it easy to customize the setup, display, and scaling on-the-fly
  • Data is buffered continuously for review and saving
Additional Information

For more information about Verus, please refer to the documents below.


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