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Snap-on Tools franchisees know what a great job they have, and we are always on the lookout for the right people to put behind the wheel of a Snap-on truck.

Many new franchisees are also Snap-on customers – the people who love the tools and have been buying them for years are often the best ones at selling them. They know the system and they know the tools, and their passion often leads them to a new career.

One of our new franchisees is Rod Brown, in Chipping Norton in Sydney. Rod was turned on to the Snap-on way of life when he was a vehicle accessory fitter in Penrith. His Snap-on franchisee Tim Scott was a regular visitor to the workshop, and he convinced Rod to make the jump.

“I was sick of making everyone else money and wanted to make money for myself,” Rod says. “I’d thought about being a franchisee but never really asked the question. I thought it was going to be too expensive.

“But I was on Tim’s truck one day and said something about it. He mentioned the cost and I went ‘that’s a lot cheaper than I thought’.”

Rod didn’t need a lot of convincing – he’d been buying Snap-on for 13 years. “I love the product and I’m passionate about it. That’s what got me over the line.”

The good thing about having your own franchise is that you are your own boss, making your own decisions about your day’s work. Plus there is the marketing and technical support from head office to keep the truck on the road and the smiles on the faces of your customers.

He hasn’t looked back. “It’s been fantastic. I should have done it earlier,” he says. “This really is your own business – the harder you work at it, the more the benefits show.”

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