Quadriga 1000 BB

Automatic Tyre Changer

Pt# JBC6028620

Product description:

The new automatic tyre changer convinces with its quick procedures, controlled power and accuracy and consequently guarantees optimum results because all operations are highly efficient and labour-saving, with no risk to damage both tyres and rims. This tyre changer is designed to handle all types of wheels and tyres, especially UHP and run-flat tyres.

Key Features
  • Certified by wdk for gentle and user-friendly mounting and demounting of UHP and run-flat tyres in line with OEM specifications
  • Non-contact detection of rim contour by laser
  • Automatic control of mounting and demounting tools, user only has to start operation on the control console
  • Automatic labour-saving and accurate positioning of wheels on clamping flange by means of wheel lift
  • For rims of 12" - 30"
  • Hydraulic clamping of wheel via clamping flange and quick nut
  • Rotating bead breaker disc with adjustable pitch angle
  • Integrated bead pusher
  • Top side bead seating kit

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