BFH 2000 plus

Total Ride Performance System


Product description:

The BFH 2000 plus is a wheel balancer and diagnostic equipment with laser technology: 5 CCD cameras scan tyre and rim from different directions with special 3D laser stripes.

In a single measuring run all data is detected and possible defects in tyre or rim is diagnosed and documented with utmost accuracy.

Key Features
  • Measurement of tyre pull effect (tyre conicity)
  • Allocation of wheels to their best possible position on the vehicle in order to avoid tyre pull effect (OptiLine function - optional)
  • Detection of flat spots on the tyre
  • Detection of possible damage to tyre sidewall
  • Checking of correct bead seat
  • Measurement of radial and lateral run-out of tyre and/or rim
  • Tread depth measurement in 5 different positions and visualisation on screen
  • Tread wear identification (signalling need for wheel alignment)
  • Touch screen monitor for visualisation of the diagnostic results in brilliant 3D colour maps
  • Print-out of all results in test records, or screenshots via optional printer. Output also to USB memory stick.
  • Documentation of the condition of a set of wheels
  • Patented virtual plane imaging (VPI) technique
  • Non-contact data acquisition and identification of wheel type and position
  • Diagnostics of unsmooth ride and ride improvement by geometric matching in a single additional step
  • Electro-mechanical power clamp device
  • asanetwork capability via optional software client
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Set of 3 centring cones, ART weight removing tool for adhesive weights, weight pliers, calibration weight, wheel guard, storage pegs for accessories

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