Wireless 3-Camera Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology


Product description:

Wireless system provides flexible installation, usage and mobility options. Patented digital camera tracking automatically adjusts to the height of the vehicle.

The V3400 is available with AC400 quick clamps or with universal wheel clamps.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth communication eliminates wires, eases installation and maximises mobility
  • Professional results and high productivity
  • Improved DigiSmart technology allows the new high-resolution cameras to automatically, quickly and accurately track the targets
  • 3-Camera design is ideal for installation in drive-through bays
  • Premium control terminal and 24” flat-screen monitor
  • New small and lightweight XD targets
  • AC400 Self-centring quick wheel clamps:
    • secure and consistent attachment owing to clutch limited clamping force
    • securely attach the tyre without contacting the rim
    • large, comfortable handle allows ergonomic use
    • durable and lightweight magnesium construction
    • tyre diameter range 19" - 39"
  • Optional Universal wheel clamps (AC100) with rim clamping range 11" - 22"
  • Pro42 user software: a high-resolution ICON-based software program, with ALL the required functions in a one-touch program format, to provide unique DIAGNOSTIC information
  • Comprehensive measurement features such as automatic caster sweep, rolling radius, cross diagonal measurement, A-arm adjust, cradle adjust and EZ Toe for easy toe adjustment of adjustment points difficult to access
  • Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
  • Integrated OEM procedures
  • Easy installation and flexible configuration
  • TIP (Target Imaging Pointer) for ride height measurement
  • Optional drive-on camera for easy positioning of the vehicle on the lift
  • Convenient mobility with optional mobility kit

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