Visualiner 3D2 X-Cel Lift

3D Car Wheel Aligner of the New Generation


Product description:

Snap-on Equipment’s new John Bean 3D2 X-Cel wheel aligners will help to make garage technicians alignment experts. These versatile aligners are easy to use, reduce correction times and increase shop efficiency.

With the unique X-Cel imaging alignment system, the John Bean 3D2 X-Cel wheel aligners leverage patented imaging technology to provide accurate real-time measurements that reduce set-up and measurement times and generate serious productivity benefits for garages. This proven technology combines with easy-to-use software to give professional garage technicians accurate readings in a matter of minutes.

Key Features
  • Ultra High Resolution (UHR) - produces real-time alignment readings and diagnostic data
  • Compatible with patented ultra light AC400 Non-contact Alignment clamp which are coupled with the extra light ultra high resolution targets. (Optional)
  • Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator (VODI) guides the technician through the  measuring process
  • PC with icon based Pro42 premium user software
  • Ultra high resolution cameras
  • Versatile wheel clamps with industry-proven grips.
  • Extra light ultra high resolution targets coupled with universal wheel clamps 11“–22“
  • EZ-Link steering angle sensor reset
  • Optional drive-on camera for easy positioning of the vehicle on the lift
  • Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
  • Lift version incl. lifting equipment (flexible work level 0 –2.0 m)
  • Mobile terminal
  • 20“ TFT wide-screen monitor, colour printer
  • Integrated OEM procedures
  • 3D all readings screen
  • 3D animation graphics
  • Advanced measurement of vehicle dimensions – live
  • On-line help with 3D animation graphics
  • EZ Toe for easy and convenient settings at maximum steering angle
  • EZ Access for measurement with demounted wheels
  • A-arm adjustment
  • Cradle adjustment
  • Compatible with asanetwork
  • Optional TIP (target imaging pointer) for ride height measurement

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