Snap-on Equipment has a vast pool of technology worldwide; our brand ranges have been and will continue to evolve for many years. At Snap-on Equipment Australia we have selected the finest products from our global range to enable our distributors to deliver  the Australian and New Zealand automotive service and repair industries the finest and most technologically advanced range of wheel service equipment in the Australian and New Zealand markets today.

Snap-on Equipment Australia are also the Master Distributor of the Heshbon range of Vehicle Hoists in Australia. Heshbon Hoists have widely been regarded by customers, competitors and independent service agents alike , as one of the most reliable and serviceable products on the Australian market. Offering  a vast range of 2 post, 4 post, service and alignment scissor hoists. Designed with the technician in mind and focusing on making the difficult jobs easier in a safe, reliable and long lasting package that also incorporates the latest innovations and technologies.

Snap-on Equipment Australia are supported by our vast range of Distributors, Service Agents, Snap-on Tools Franchisees and Technical Partners to provide the most appropriate solutions to the needs of our customers in the Australian and New Zealand Market.

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